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Refs take away Cards’ last Super Bowl gasp

Sitting in my sister’s living room, I was dumbfounded. The rest of my family was, too.

I just assumed the Arizona Cardinals would have one last Hail Mary attempt from the Pittsburgh 45. But all of a sudden, Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger took a snap, kneeled and Super Bowl 43 was over. Over? Did you say over?

I will never understand how NFL replay officials at the game didn’t review the supposed fumble from Kurt Warner, Cedar Rapids’ pride and joy, on the previous play. Warner was hit by a Steelers lineman just as he was about to throw the football downfield. The officials ruled it was a fumble, Pittsburgh recovered, game over.

Instant replays sure made it appear to be a close enough call to at least get a review. Especially this being the Super Bowl and all.

But no review, no overturned call. Curious. If you were a Cardinals fan, furious.

Here’s a replay. What did you think?

And let’s not forget that¬†Pittsburgh wide receiver Santonio Holmes’ “celebration” in the end zone after his beautiful game-winning catch should have cost the Steelers 15 yards for unsportsmanlike¬†conduct.

Pittsburgh should have had to kickoff from its 15, which would have given Arizona a better chance to negotiate its way downfield.

In the end, it may not have mattered anyway. But it would have nice to find out.