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Here’s RoughRiders brawl video

Just came across this on YouTube. It’s taken from a cell phone and not all that great, but you kind of get the idea about how Saturday night’s brawl between the RoughRiders and Lincoln played out.

Make that Lincoln-instigated brawl. It’s kind of tough to tell how bloody defenseman Doug Leaverton’s face is, but it was a mess – trust me. Bumped into him after Sunday night’s game and he’s got a large cut above his left eye and below it. There are a couple of stitches involved.

Asked him if he was hit by a stick, as someone told me. His simple reply: “Nope, a fist.”

Told him that it was OK because chicks dig scars, to which he replied smiling: “Oh, yeah. Absolutely.”

By the way, I’ve read a lot of feedback from locals about how the decrease in fighting has left them less interesting in the RoughRiders and USHL. The league is much more developmental than it used to be.

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Got video of Saturday’s brawl?

Go ahead and send it to me here and we’ll post it. That was an ugly situation initiated by Lincoln and the wrong reason to fight. Yet most of the fans in attendance loved it.

RoughRiders defenseman Doug Leaverton came out the worst for wear, with significant cuts above and below his left eye that required a couple of stitches.

I was told after the game that Leaverton had been hit in the eye by a high stick, but Leaverton denied that.

“Nope, a fist,” Leaverton said.

Then it was pointed out to Leaverton that chicks do indeed love scars, which brought a smile to the nicked-up defenseman’s face.

Anyway, if you’ve got any video (phone or whatever) and you want to share, send it to me at here or at