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Cedar Rapids Kernels 2009 roster

Here’s the opening-day roster for the Cedar Rapids Kernels. The team is scheduled to fly into Cedar Rapids this afternoon to prepare for the season opener, which is Thursday night at 6:30 at home against the Beloit Snappers.

There are 10 players on the roster that have played in Cedar Rapids before: infielders Alexi Amarista, Hector Estrella, Carlos Colmenares and Gabe Jacobo, outfielder Angel Castillo and catchers Anel De Los Santos and C.J. Bressoud and pitchers Michael Davitt, Chris Armstrong and Vladimir Veras.

Veras missed all of last season with an arm injury, pitching some for the Kernels in 2007. Interesting that two guys that lit up the Rookie-level Pioneer League for Orem last season (that’s the level before the Kernels in the parent Los Angeles Angels farm system) aren’t on the roster and presumably headed for high-A Rancho Cucamonga.

Third baseman Luis Jimenez led the Pioneer League in home runs last season with 15, hitting .331. First baseman Roberto Lopez hit a league-high .400 with 14 home runs and league-best 72 RBIs. Remember that’s all in a half-season.

Anyway, here’s the opening-day roster:


Chris Armstrong 5-10 195 L/L Owasso OK 02/10/88 14th Rd – 2006 Salt Lake/Cedar Rapids

Manuarys Correa 6-3 170 R/R San Cristobal DR 01/05/89 2007 Free Agent AZL Angels/Orem

Michael Davitt 6-5 205 R/R Shreveport LA 09/08/86 29th Rd – 2006 Cedar Rapids

Manuel Flores 6-2 170 L/L Anzoategui VZ 06/01/87 2006 Free Agent AZL Angels

Mike Kohn 6-2 210 R/R Camden SC 06/26/86 13th Rd – 2008 Orem

Jayson Miller 5-11 170 L/L Yakima WA 11/25/85 30th Rd – 2008 Orem

Kevin Nabors 6-3 220 R/R Spanish Fort AL 08/12/85 26th Rd – 2008 Orem

Christian Scholl 5-11 195 R/R Tacoma WA 10/27/87 8th Rd – 2008 Orem

Will Smith 6-2 220 R/R Newnan GA 07/10/89 7th Rd – 2008 Orem

Andrew Taylor 6-1 190 R/L Wake Forest NC 08/18/86 34th Rd – 2008 Orem

Jeremy Thorne 6-4 250 R/R Lakeland FL 10/04/85 29th Rd – 2008 AZL Angels/Orem

Vladmir Veras 6-0 150 R/R Santiago DR 01/10/86 2003 Free Agent Injured – Did Not Play



Catchers (3) Ht. Wt. B/T Resides DOB Acquired 2008 Team

C.J. Bressoud 6-2 195 R/R Kennesaw GA 05/12/85 2008 Free Agent Cedar Rapids/Rancho C.

Beau Brooks 6-1 200 L/R Oklahoma City OK 08/03/87 20th Rd – 2008 AZL Angels/Orem

Anel De Los Santos 6-0 190 R/R San Cristobal DR 06/19/88 2005 Free Agent Cedar Rapids/Arkansas



Infielders (6) Ht. Wt. B/T Resides DOB Acquired 2008 Team

Alexi Amarista 5-8 150 S/R Barcelano VZ 04/06/89 2007 Free Agent AZL/Cedar Rapids

Hector Estrella 5-11 175 R/R Los Angeles CA 12/22/84 40th Rd – 2007 Cedar Rapids

Gabe Jacobo 6-2 190 R/R Tulare CA 04/14/87 10th Rd – 2008 Orem/Cedar Rapids

Darwin Perez 6-0 185 L/L San Joaquin de Turmero VZ 07/27/89 2005 Free Agent Orem/Rancho C.

Jon Townsend 6-0 195 R/R Birmingham AL 09/24/84 2008 Free Agent Orem

Adam Younger 6-2 205 R/R Fort Myers FL 08/25/85 18th Rd – 2008 AZL Angels



Outfielders (4) Ht. Wt. B/T Resides DOB Acquired 2008 Team

Robert Auer 6-0 190 R/R Deland FL 10/24/85 2008 Free Agent Orem

Angel Castillo 6-3 190 R/R Caracas VZ 06/07/89 2005 Free Agent Cedar Rapids/Orem

Carlos Colmenares 6-0 175 S/R Valencia VZ 02/11/86 2004 Free Agent Rancho/Orem/Kernels

Matt Crawford 6-0 165 S/R Waycross GA 05/09/86 23rd Rd – 2008 AZL Angels


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Add two more names to the list of Angels prospects who will be unseen by anyone who gives a crap about the parent club. Granted, Lopez is older, but at least he could’ve played until the All-Star break. Ladies and gentlemen, your 70-70 2009 C.R. Kernels!

Comment by pud'nhead

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Jimenez is hurt (rotator cuff) and probably won’t play in 2009 and Lopez is expected to join the team in two weeks as he was hurt during spring training.

Comment by PenaltyBoxKeeper

Hey Eeyore…(aka pud’nhead)….should we warn folks sittin’ by you in the stands to bring their umbrellas? Great attitude to kick off the season. I say let ’em play and give ’em our encouragement!

Comment by Glam it

I’d quote the Asian groundkeepers from “Major League” but I’m afraid the language may offend those with delicate sensibilities. That said, for those who have seen the film, I can’t think of a more appropriate sentiment…

Comment by Jorge Vino

Two players in the organization’s Top 30 prospect list. And Lopez, who was 23 when he was teeing off on Pioneer League pitching last year, isn’t on that list either.

For contrast, check out the roster of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. They signed a new contract with Milwaukee (a local affiliate) and get to watch a pitching staff that includes eight players taken in the first 12 rounds as well as first round pick Brett Lawrie (2B) and second round pick Cutter Dykstra (OF).

But hey, we’ve got 11 free agents!!!

Comment by Jorge Vino

Glam it, you got your wish, they let ’em play and they lost an exhibition to Kirkwood last night. 😉

Comment by Jorge Vino

Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

Comment by Marinkina

Сенкс. Интересно, и вообще полезный у Вас блог

Comment by Cederash

Хорошо что удалось отыскать такой замечательный блог, а то последнее время уже начал думать что инет это мусорка сплошная.

Comment by Avertedd

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