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Quad City Flames could be extinguished

A story in the Quad City Times this weekend said the future of the Quad City Flames of the Triple-A-level American Hockey League is in serious doubt.

The two-year-old franchise has incurred debt of about $2.6 million. The club ranks 28th out of 29 clubs in the AHL in attendance (2,810 per game), which is amazing considering the popularity of the preceding Quad City Mallards, which was a vastly inferior level of minor-league hockey.

Owners of the QC Flames said they have not made a final decision as of yet and are looking for an investor to help them out. Abbotsford, British Columbia apparently has been courting the parent Calgary Flames to move the team there, though that move might not be OKed by the AHL because of its geographic footprint (i.e., there are no West Coast teams).

Been to about six or seven QC Flames games this season and four or five last year. The iWireless Center is a great facility and the hockey is fantastic. The prices aren’t too bad, either. It’d be a shame to see the team go away.



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J.J., this is crappy news. As I’ve said to you every time we go down there, why in God’s name do these people still wear the Mallards garb and wax poetic about the good old days. This is hockey played at one step below the NHL! The UHL was goonery, pure and simple, the old NHL, clutch and grab. Watching the AHL play at the iWireless is awesome!

Comment by pud'nhead

i was a fan of the omaha knights calgary doesnt give places enough time to get attendence up or make money. we had the flames for2 yrs here they were starting to average 3,000 a game who knows how much more they could have done here to so if ur city is in the running for the the flames top affalite dont get to excited they will sell u on their brand of hockey and then quickly take it a way from u if ur city doesnt sell out every game. sorry it didnt work for the quads either . just look at it this way you city to was the 10th place calagry has had there top minor team

Comment by mike

I can’t say I feel bad for you…We’re hoping to lure the Flames to Abbotsford BC – back to Canada where they belong. My family will be first in line for season tickets (although we will have to fight off several thousand other families who are excited about the team!)

Comment by hockeyfamily

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