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Deal to sell RoughRiders continues forward

Word is the sale of the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders to a Canadian businessman continues to move forward, though slowly.

The framework for a deal to sell the club to Gary Gelinas has pretty much been finalized. There are a couple of things yet to be done, though, including Gelinas’ desire to meet with the city’s Five Seasons Facilities Commission to talk about a long-term lease to remain in the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena. The current lease runs through next season.

The franchise is owned by Mercantile Capital Partners of Chicago, who has had it on the market for a year after attempts to negotiate a long-term lease with the city failed. Word has it the frosty relationship that developed between MCP and the Five Seasons Facilities Commission had much to do with a former RoughRiders’ front-office employee.

Gelinas, by the way, is president and general manager of the New Mexico Scorpions of the minor-pro Central Hockey League. He also owns a junior team in the British Columbia Hockey League.

So is this potential ownership change a good thing for the RoughRiders or not? What’s your view?

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Will new ownership be a good thing for Cedar Rapids RoughRiders?
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One can’t help but think this will be great for Riders and fans, alike. An owner with a hockey background would be great in order allow the program to run as it is while making a few tweaks here and there to make it better. My only concern comes is if he doesn’t allow enough time for new marketing strategies to work and decides to skip town with the team. I would hope that a new committment from both ownership and the team itself may renew the committment from the fans as well. Time will only tell and I hope that the City relaxes its grip on the arena and allows for a new owner and the team to prosper.

Comment by M White

this is a great opportunity for the city and the franchise. Gelinas comes from a great history of hockey. His father played pro hockey in Europe and Canada and Gelinas has had great sucess with his team in Canada. I think he will be patient with the fans and community and I don’t think the league will allow him to move the team nor do I think he has that interest. Let’s get him on board to save our team. Go riders go!

Comment by RJ

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