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Here’s RoughRiders brawl video

Just came across this on YouTube. It’s taken from a cell phone and not all that great, but you kind of get the idea about how Saturday night’s brawl between the RoughRiders and Lincoln played out.

Make that Lincoln-instigated brawl. It’s kind of tough to tell how bloody defenseman Doug Leaverton’s face is, but it was a mess – trust me. Bumped into him after Sunday night’s game and he’s got a large cut above his left eye and below it. There are a couple of stitches involved.

Asked him if he was hit by a stick, as someone told me. His simple reply: “Nope, a fist.”

Told him that it was OK because chicks dig scars, to which he replied smiling: “Oh, yeah. Absolutely.”

By the way, I’ve read a lot of feedback from locals about how the decrease in fighting has left them less interesting in the RoughRiders and USHL. The league is much more developmental than it used to be.

What do you all think? Answer the below poll.

Do in-game fights enhance your enjoyment of hockey?
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In game fights are great when both players agree to the fight. It gets the crowd into the game or may get the team morale up after a won fight.

The Lincoln brawl was absolutely shameful. That brawl was ordered by the Lincoln coach and they attacked the Riders. Puskar (the Lincoln player who started the whole thing) not only jumped on Mike Seidel and punched him but punched Kyle Flanagan in the face right after that behind the net. None of this is seen in the Youtube video.

The Lincoln coach is dirty and teaches his players to play dirty. Another example: Former Roughrider Garrett Vermeersch was cheap shotting Riders left and right all night. He never played that way when he was in Cedar Rapids. Goes to Lincoln and becomes a dirty player.

I have to give credit to Mike Johnson for not getting involved when coach Carlson waived him off the fight even thought the Lincoln goalie (Murdock) was holding Cody Murphy while another Lincoln player was punching him.

Like I said earlier, this was not a typical hockey fight. This was an attack on players ordered by a coach who doesn’t know how to win with clean play. I hope all the Lincoln players involved in the incident as well as the coach get a nice suspension for their actions.

Comment by J

YEAH! KICK HIS @$$!! WHOOOO! BEAT HIS @$$! Ring-a-ling-a-ling!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. A big dumb sport for big dumb people. Freekin meatheads.

Comment by scott brown

Anyone who has played this sport knows that it is fast, physical and furious.
Do I think fighting belongs in hockey? When it is each team’s enforcers squaring off? Yes. When it is out and out goonery (my word)? No.

Comment by pud'nhead

No matter what team you are a fan of in the USHL (I happen to be a Black Hawks fan), there’s no way you can condone any of that. Fighting done when both agree to it is different than deliberate cheap shots on a team’s players, and goon-like as it has been described. I don’t know if any suspensions were given to any of the Lincoln players after this, but if there wasn’t, there should have been. Fighting has a place in hockey, but not when done like that.

Comment by Josh

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