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Quotes from last night’s RoughRiders brawl

OK, what was that?
The line brawl early in the third period of Saturday night’s 2-1 RoughRiders victory over Lincoln had many of the 3,000-plus in attendance at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena asking that question.
In a scene straight out of “Slap Shot,” a line brawl erupted that resulted in 108 minutes in penalties, 69 by Lincoln. The second the puck was dropped for a faceoff in the Lincoln zone, Stars forward Jon Puskar dropped his gloves and skated over to RoughRiders forward Cody Murphy.
Murphy had no choice but to oblige, as hell broke loose all over the ice. Riders defenseman Matt Tennyson fought with a Lincoln opponent, defenseman Doug Leaverton went back and forth with Lincoln’s Michael Sdao, with the two fighting so long they ended up at center ice after originally engaging deep in the Lincoln zone. Sdao’s jersey and pads were completely ripped off, and Leaverton was bleeding heavily from his eye and forehead.
Forward Kyle Flanagan was pinned along the boards by two Lincoln players. Five Lincoln players were given fighting majors to three for Cedar Rapids, though Flanagan and Mike Seidel (both of whom decided not to fight) were awarded roughing minors. Six players were given game misconducts. Quite a Goon Fest!!
“It’s a part of hockey,” Murphy said. “I don’t know how to explain it. Everybody was fighting each other. You’ve got to stick up for your teammates.”
“Just a part of hockey, that’s all it was,” concurred Flanagan. “Personally, I didn’t see it coming. Not at all. But it happens in the game sometimes. They were down 2-0, they didn’t have a lot of momentum, it was in our barn.”
Lincoln’s strategy throughout the game was to play physical against the USHL’s least-penalized team, trying to throw the RoughRiders off their game. Cedar Rapids players consistently stayed disciplined, however, unwilling to retaliate or get into any significant rough stuff.
But the Stars apparently wouldn’t take no for an answer. Coach Jimmy McGroarty sent out his toughest line (6-foot-4 Sdao, Puskar and Garrett Peterson) against one of the Riders’ smallest, with what appeared to be one goal in mind.
Not a goal, but an altercation. And, just think, SpongeBob SquarePants was in the house and witnessed all this!!
“Right before that big scrap happened, they were (yelling) ‘Let’s go, let’s go,’” Murphy said. “I was like, you know what, I want to play hockey.
“They were antagonizing me, trying to get me to fight. I was trying to keep my cool. It all happened so fast.”
RoughRiders Coach Mark Carlson would not comment on the brawl, even when prodded, though he was clearly not pleased. He could be seen shaking his head in disgust on the bench after things were finally calmed down and the players involved were either sent to the penalty box or off the ice.
Carlson did not look at McGroarty as he shook his hand postgame near the team benches. Lincoln players were booed lustily by the Ice Arena crowd as they left the ice.
“It is dirty hockey,” Murphy said. “It’s not like my type of hockey. I don’t go into games thinking I’m going to get into a fight. I want to play hockey.
“But it is a part of the sport. It happens. So you’ve got to be ready and be there for your team.”

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Hockey is so stupid. I went to a roughriders game once and the crowd was totally passive, siting on their hands, until a fight and then the place went nuts. All I could think was look people, if you want fighting watch boxing. Just a bunch of angry former figure skaters who couldnt make the cut. Worst. Sport. Ever.

Comment by scott brown

You have got to be kidding Tell us Scott have you ever gotten up off your lazy boy and tryed doing what hockey players can do on the ice from PE WE to Pro this is a fast tough exiteing sport what would you call a exciteing sport and I am not sure what game you were at but I have been going for 5 years and have never seen a Passive crowd no differant than a fan waiting for a touchdown pass or a three point shot things are pretty quite till that happens differant people love differant sports I know a lot of people who feal the same way about football and basket ball differant strokes for differant folks make mine HOCKEY

Comment by Nick

I am well aware that hockey does require athletic ability. I never said anything counter to that. Judging from your post and its NUMEROUS spelling mistakes,(EXCITING!,Pee-Wee,different, no need to capitalize Passive in the middle of a sentence) I can tell that you are highly reactionary and not a good editor. I can only assume that you are on the team and took great offense. Sorry, just saying something a lot of people agree with. When the biggest reaction of the night is to a fight, you are a boxing fan who just can’t find the resources to get yourself to a boxing match. That’s fine for you, but I could care less. Perhaps you have been “checked” too many times yourself. Might want to ease up on the brain damage there, pal. In every other major sport fighting results in penalties, suspensions, and fines. Why is it okay/encouraged in hockey? Honestly, the game I went to the crowd yelled louder for the fight then they did for a score. THAT’S what turned me off of hockey.

Comment by scott brown

Never said I was as you put it a good editor and mistaken again thinking I am on the team, again boxing fan no three strikes your out spelling got me there did not know we were gradeing on that sorry ! This is not a pro team and there are penalties rangeing from 2 min in penaty box to removed from the game to being suspended for a game or more,hard to fine kids that are not being payed to play the game they love(thease kids are only 15 to 20 ) .fighting is kept under control best they can as in any sports it can still
happen encouraged ? its part of the game a very very small part . and I said before not a lot happens to cheere about between touchdowns and 3 pointers eather and even less between home runs but I will watch them all its Sports my favorite is hockey. to each there own One should better understand the game and the ruels of the game before they bash it.

Comment by Nick

Fair enough. Decent response, but I gotta say, unless you’re like, 12, your spelling is something you should really try to work on. You made more mistakes here. The thing is, a few typos I can understand. You however, have some serious spelling problems. That weakens your overall argument. A tip- grading and ranging have no E, seems to be a consistant problem with you, sticking E’s where they don’t belong. Sorry if I upset you I just have a problem with Hockey masquarading as something it’s not, and saw this article about a superfight, and saw a chance to make a point I have held for a long time. That’s all. Again, sorry if I upset you. Seriously though, the spelling.

Comment by scott brown

HA! I made 2 myself there, so don’t feel bad. See if you can spot ’em!

Comment by scott brown

Scott finger’s work faster than brain at time’s no time for spell check cheap shot on the age consistent ,masquerading (spelling) and superfight should be two words and gotta should be got to nice

Comment by Nick

Wow, I was trying to end this politely.
While we’re at it, where is your proper punctuation while you dress me down? You call me on the things I offered as a meeting point, in an act of reconciliation and backing down to be nice, and you rip me for it. Nice. You know you spell checked my post .
“Scott finger’s work faster than brain at times….. Does that make sense?


It doesn’t.

If you are Frankenstein, sure. Scott bad. Make Frankenstein angry. Argh!
Try: Scott, Apostrophe, S, (Scott’s fingers…..) Wow. Let the record show I tried to end this nicely. I thought it was funny that you add E’s and I left two out. Thought that was a cool irony for me to admit some fault and even up but your ego could not handle the calling-out. Sad, really…

Comment by scott brown

Scott my falt this has gotten out of hand this started about sports and it has taken a bad turn. Cheers Scott to a Good life and happyness and the sports we love

Comment by Nick

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