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Riders sale appears imminent
January 11, 2009, 4:20 am
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According to a couple of sources, the sale of the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders to a Canadian businessman is nearing a completion. The new owner has hockey experience, owning a junior team in British Columbia and helping run a CHL minor-league franchise as well.

As soon as the deal becomes officially official, we will let you know.


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Please tell me this means the Riders are staying In Cedar Rapids PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Nick


While I’m happy to hear about the imminent sale of the Riders to someone with a hockey background, I’m curious as to why there wasn’t more coverage of Saturday night’s game on the website Sunday or today. With the Blackhawks in town, a solid game played on both ends of the ice, and a record attendance, one would figure that it would be more news worthy, especially on the internet. The wake up call the boys received on Friday night most likely had something to do with the inspiring play on Saturday and it was definitely fun to watch in person. I just wish there were more coverage of these guys.

A complaint heard often is that there’s no buzz about this team anymore. Saturday night would have gone a long way in creating one, don’t you think? The Courier devotes a lot of time to the Blackhawks. It took a ten year anniversary to get more than a few paragraphs about the Riders from the Gazette. Any plans on this changing in the near future?

Comment by M White

Hey, M White, join the club. Those of us who follow the Kernels in the summer wonder why the city’s only PROFESSIONAL sports franchise gets buried on the fourth page behind AP stories about tennis and auto racing. Heck, Jim Ecker’s coverage of semi-pro washouts and Junior Cougar kiddies gets better play.

The Gazette’s treatment of the city’s sports franchises is pathetic to say the least and I suspect that Jeff, who covers both teams, would agree with that assessment.

Perhaps Mr. Ogden could deign to use some of his precious column space to inform readers of the sports section why Cedar Rapids sports don’t deserve better coverage.

Just my two cents…

Comment by Jorge Vino

This original post is now close to 48 hours old. 3 replies/comments is all? That strikes me and any other blog-wise person as extremely odd given there is a supposed appetite for more coverage. Really? It doesn’t add up, especially when this blog is accessible from the front page of Gazette Online. It leads me to conclude most fans are content with the coverage. Otherwise, they should be jumping at the free opportunity to voice their opinions on this blog. Only drawing a shade over 2500 per game for the first 10 at home, an unknown percentage of which are season ticket holders, is not a figure that going demand front page attention. The world turns on squeaky wheels!

Comment by Mike

Mike have you looked at any of the other sports blogs on here ? thay have even less replies most have none most people i know who do read the blogs only read for the info its not the hockey fans you will not find anymore hardcore fans than Rough Rider Hockey fans

Comment by Nick

God forbid the paper cover its local teams, right Mike?

Did it ever dawn on you that perhaps more people would be interested in the Riders or Kernels if they knew what was going on with them? Folks would if they were given better placement in the paper ahead of Associated Press stories on racing, tennis, or whatever else the editors has a stiffy for.

Comment by Jorge Vino

I have been writeing to the gazette for years trying to get expanded coverage on the Riders ( spring try outs summercamp the fall classic )ect it has improved some but could be better Jeff does a fine job covering the Riders with what room the Gazette gives him I just feal as many others do it could be better. Not every body bleeds black and gold in Ia. Cedar Rapids Riders and Kernels should be covered better as they ar both are teams Cedar Rapids Teams !

Comment by Nick

Maybe the Gazette’s NEW sports editor will sing a different tune…

Comment by Jorge Vino

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