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Hockey player dies fighting
January 6, 2009, 9:17 am
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Don Sanderson died late last week from injuries suffered during a fight in an Ontario Senior AAA hockey game in Canada.

Sanderson, 21, hit his head on the back of the ice after he and an opposing combatant had scrapped and thrown each other to the ground.

Fighting in hockey has always been a topic for debate. They allow fights in the USHL but not college hockey.

What do you all think?

Here’s a good column taken from The Hockey News on hockey fighting:


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Interesting article. But, what about the argument that, without fighting, the game will become more violent? While not a hockey player myself, I do watch a lot of it and have friends who’ve played quite a bit. They’ve long held the game will get chippy-er and dirtier if fighting is eliminated. That the code of conduct about who you hit and don’t hit will be thrown out when there are no enforcers left.

Comment by MF

MF has it absolutely right. Fighting is indeed part of the game. If you take out fighting, then you’ll see penalties for roughing, slashing, cross-checking, spearing, etc., go up. THOSE are the dangerous penalties. Fighting is how the players can take care of their own without endangering them with chippy play.

Comment by RPS

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