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Pollard gets another chance
December 14, 2008, 2:46 am
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You wonder why Iowa State athletics director Jamie Pollard kept everyone in the know about this Gene Chizik-to-Auburn stuff? Maybe because he wanted so bad for it to actually happen.

If that’s the case, Pollard got his wish Saturday when it was announced Chizik indeed was leaving ISU after two seasons to become Auburn’s head coach. Man, you gotta wonder what Auburn’s thought process is here.

Chizik did absolutely nothing in his two seasons in Ames, unless you think those five wins (against 19 losses) were impressive. He left the Cyclone program in worse shape than when he inherited it, if that’s possible. His team this season didn’t improve, evidenced by that 10-game losing streak that’s still intact.

Pollard pulled out all the bells and whistles for Chizik’s introductory press conference. He held it at Hilton Coliseum, with Chizik stepping out on a raised dais through a giant inflatable Cyclone helmet, with smoke pouring out of it. It was about a 9 on the hokey meter.

Turns out Pollard was blowing smoke up the skirts of Cyclone fans when he said Chizik was the guy who was going to brings ISU’s football program to new heights. Picking the former Texas and Auburn defensive coordinator after firing Dan McCarney turned out to be a horrible decision.

Now Pollard gets another chance, whether he deserves it or not. My bet this hire will be Turner Gill. Cyclone fans have to hope their AD finally gets this one right.


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Why would Gill go to Ames? He’ll have much better options soon enough. Plus, if Pelini doesn’t cut it in Lincoln don’t you think Turner would go back there?

No one is going to want that job unless they’re a smaller school coach looking to move up, and they’ll be gone as soon as they prove they can win at ISU.

Good luck with that.

Comment by EP

“Turns out Pollard was blowing smoke up the skirts of Cyclone fans when he said Chizik was the guy who was going to brings ISU’s football program to new heights.”

Chizik did take them to new heights…those heights just happened to be lower than expectations!

WHAT was Auburn thinking?! I just cannot fathom what part of Chizik’s recent accomplishments (lack thereof, more accurately) they found so intriguing as to bring him on. Granted the Big 12 is a tough place to make fast progress and even tougher to ascend to any form of league dominance. I can only assume this is more about things farther in the past. Apparently his previous association with the Auburn program was enough to overlook the fact he failed to meet a single incentive clause in his ISU contract. I guess that magical 2004 Auburn season as the defensive coordinator was enough for Auburn to overlook ISU’s hapless defensive performance the past two years, no Big 12 wins this year and a closing performance of 10 straight losses. Talk about resting on your laurels…

Comment by Mike Coleman

He’ll succeed at Auburn because they have a history and players will go there as opposed to Ames.

Face it, no one wants to go to Ames for college sports. Look at Harrison Barnes, a top 10 rated ballplayer and he’ll end up at Duke or NC, not ISU.

They can’t even keep kids in their own town at ISU.

Comment by EP

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