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Brandon Wegher
November 23, 2008, 7:23 am
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Just got done covering Sioux City Heelan’s Class 3A championship football game win over Decorah at the UNI-Dome. All five Heelan touchdowns were recorded by super running back Brandon Wegher, who set a single-season state record for rushing with over 3,100 yards. He had 241 yards against Decorah, finishing his senior season with a whopping 54 touchdowns.

Got to talking to a couple of cohorts after the game about Wegher, a four-star recruit by He is being compared to former Iowa City High standout Tim Dwight because he is going to Iowa, is a state champion sprinter in track and is a smallish running back.

Wegher is actually bigger than Dwight, listed at 5-foot-10 and 205 pounds. He has blazing speed in the open field like Dwight. But one thing I remember about Timmy D was that he made you go “Wow!” seemingly every game with some kind of run: whether it be from scrimmage, on a punt return or kickoff return. He’d cut on a dime and just go, never to be touched. I never got that same feeling watching Wegher, even though he had five TDs, including a 100-yard interception return. Weird, huh?

That’s not saying Brandon Wegher won’t be a terrific college football player because I’m sure he will be. He just never left that “Wow Factor” with me Saturday despite having a huge game.

Anyone else see the game and have thoughts?


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That’s because they are two different players. Dwight was quicker because he had to be at 5’8″ 175lbs. If you didn’t notice, Wegher would put his helmet down and punish the defense when he wanted to. Though Timmy D was the most explosive player I’ve ever seen (I was at the ICH vs. Heelan game in 1994), I don’t think he was a true college RB as Wegher clearly is. Dwight was a big time playmaker with his speed where Wegher is more of a hard-nosed runner (who also has incredible speed). After watching both of them I think comparing the two doesn’t give either of them justice. And after watching last nights game I find it hard to believe that any Hawk fan isn’t pumped for what’s in store for the next 4 years.

Comment by Kirk

But is Wegher a college RB or SS?

He’s a player with some “strike” to him. That could work on defense, too.

I don’t think Wegher is a WR, as Dwight was at Iowa.

The competition Iowa has at RB next year (assuming Shonn is gone) will produce a pretty darned good player, I’m thinking.

Comment by marcmwm

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