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Opposed to the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena?
November 18, 2008, 10:41 pm
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Hey folks. Am working on a series of stories about the 10-year anniversary (technically, it should be called the nine-year anniversary) of the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena.

Want to hear specifically from you citizens who have never been to an event at the Arena or who are opposed to it being here or opposed to the money it took to build it.

If you could just e-mail me at that would be great. I’d love to talk to you.


Thanks, Jeff.


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Are you kidding me? Why would you write an article displaying negative comments about the ice arena? Have you ever been to an event there? Do you have family members that have participated in hockey, figure skating, etc. at the arena? Probably not, otherwise you would see the progression that has taken place in the last few years. The addition of hockey director Kevin Brooks, former rough rider, is a great asset to the CRHA. This coming from someone who has moved to Iowa from a big hockey area and has coached youth hockey in Cedar Rapids for the last six years. Instead some positive press would be nice. We are struggling for numbers as is and need it to be known that hockey is a great youth sport, especially in Cedar Rapids, and selling the Rough Riders would alone shut down the rink and impact many kid’s lives. Want proof of the changes, just look at our high school team!

Comment by Jim Vido

Reading comprehension isn’t your strongpoint, is it Jim?

By the way, I would hope the guy who covers the Rough Riders for a living has attended an event or two at the Ice Arena.

Comment by Jorge Vino

Why in the world would you ask for negative input on the Hockey arena ,hockey and the riders just so thew few that never wanted it can camplain about something that has proved them wong the Riders have lasted 10 years lasted longer that the 3 or 4 trys at basketball and longer than football that never realy even got a start what dose that tell you we love and need are riders /hockey/aren and sould do everything possiable to keep them

Comment by Nick Poshust

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