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Pick up your garbage!!
October 24, 2008, 5:58 am
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I guess one of the beauties of a blog is that you don’t necessarily have to talk about any specific thing. With that in mind, I’m going to go away from sports topics to write about something that has become perhaps my biggest pet peeve lately – garbage.

OK, let’s clarify. My wife and I live in a nice residential neighborhood near Kennedy High School on Cedar Rapids’ northeast side. It’s great for walking and exercise, with mega-hills all around us to get that heart rate going. But what really gets my heart rate going (in a bad way) are all of the fast-food bags that I see lying in the middle of streets while I walk. Once again, THE MIDDLE of streets.

One day, it’s McDonald’s. Another day, it’s Wendy’s. If I’m really, really lucky, I’ll see both, plus a couple of huge, empty soda pop glasses from the local Casey’s. It brings me back to those TV commercials when I was a kid in the 1970s. You might remember the Native American with a tear rolling down his cheek as someone throws garbage out their car window and at his feet.

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing it’s almost exclusively teenagers who are the offenders in this case. If you’re one of those guilty teens and are reading this (which I’m sure you’re not), I have a question: WHERE IS YOUR COMMON SENSE??

The middle of the street is not the place to throw your used burger wrappers and empty french fry cartons and pop glasses. It’s simple. Stop being incredibly lazy and inconsiderate and when you’re done eating, stash your bag somewhere in your car. When you get home, pick it up and place it in your garbage can at home. If you don’t know where that garbage can is, just ask your mom or dad. 

If you’re headed elsewhere after you finish your Happy Meal, like a school event maybe, take the time to find where the garbage can is located. It’s not hard, kids.

There, I feel better being able to get that off my chest. Now, excuse me. I’ve got a couple of empty Pizza Hut boxes to take care of. The street is front of my house looks kinda empty …..


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I second every bit of that.

The yard, the street, the sidewalk, the park…those are NOT trash receptacles.

Comment by Deb V

Amen for a fellow northeast-sider who even hauls a little trash home with him after a neighborhood stroll.

Comment by Dale

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