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Pick up your garbage!!
October 24, 2008, 5:58 am
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I guess one of the beauties of a blog is that you don’t necessarily have to talk about any specific thing. With that in mind, I’m going to go away from sports topics to write about something that has become perhaps my biggest pet peeve lately – garbage.

OK, let’s clarify. My wife and I live in a nice residential neighborhood near Kennedy High School on Cedar Rapids’ northeast side. It’s great for walking and exercise, with mega-hills all around us to get that heart rate going. But what really gets my heart rate going (in a bad way) are all of the fast-food bags that I see lying in the middle of streets while I walk. Once again, THE MIDDLE of streets.

One day, it’s McDonald’s. Another day, it’s Wendy’s. If I’m really, really lucky, I’ll see both, plus a couple of huge, empty soda pop glasses from the local Casey’s. It brings me back to those TV commercials when I was a kid in the 1970s. You might remember the Native American with a tear rolling down his cheek as someone throws garbage out their car window and at his feet.

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing it’s almost exclusively teenagers who are the offenders in this case. If you’re one of those guilty teens and are reading this (which I’m sure you’re not), I have a question: WHERE IS YOUR COMMON SENSE??

The middle of the street is not the place to throw your used burger wrappers and empty french fry cartons and pop glasses. It’s simple. Stop being incredibly lazy and inconsiderate and when you’re done eating, stash your bag somewhere in your car. When you get home, pick it up and place it in your garbage can at home. If you don’t know where that garbage can is, just ask your mom or dad. 

If you’re headed elsewhere after you finish your Happy Meal, like a school event maybe, take the time to find where the garbage can is located. It’s not hard, kids.

There, I feel better being able to get that off my chest. Now, excuse me. I’ve got a couple of empty Pizza Hut boxes to take care of. The street is front of my house looks kinda empty …..

Former RoughRiders in AHL
October 15, 2008, 6:57 pm
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If you want to make a trip somewhere to watch an American Hockey League game this winter, make sure the Grand Rapids Griffins are playing. The Griffins have three former RoughRiders on their roster: forward Justin Abdelkader and defensemen P.J. Atherton and Sergei Kolosov.

Actually watched Grand Rapids’ season opener last Saturday against Lake Erie on TV (DirecTV is the only way to go!!!!) and Abdelkader had a goal. Atherton had lots of ice time as well, with Kolosov seeing fewer minutes, it seemed, on the third defense pairing. Abdelkader made his NHL debut with the parent Detroit Red Wings last season. Kolosov signed with the Wing over the summer. Atherton signed  a two-way deal with Grand Rapids after spending last season with Reading in the ECHL.

Other former RoughRiders in the AHL right now include defenseman Derek Peltier, who is with Lake Erie. He was playing on the Monsters’ power play the other night. Forward Teddy Purcell and defenseman Alec Martinez are with Manchester. Purcell apparently played well in Los Angeles Kings training camp but didn’t crack the opening roster. He made his NHL debut last season.

Joe Fallon is one of three goalies with Rockford right now and hasn’t played in a regular-season game, yet.

By the way, Grand Rapids plays at Quad Cities on Nov. 15 and Feb. 4. Lake Erie is at QC on Feb. 18. The Flames do not play Manchester. Rockford is at Quad Cities on Dec. 5 and 30 and April 8. The Iowa Chops also play Grand Rapids, Lake Erie and Rockford during the regular season.

We’re number 329!!!!!!
October 12, 2008, 9:09 pm
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Sporting News magazine recently came out with its list of the top 400 sports cities in America, and wouldn’t you know it, but Cedar Rapids is on it. We’re number 329, folks. Awesome.

That’s behind Burlington (327) and just ahead of Clinton (337), by the way. Other cities ahead of us include Zebulon, N.C., Verona, N.Y., Orono, Maine, LaQuinta, Calif., and Uncasville, Conn. I’ve always heard Uncasville is a huge sports town.

Des Moines leads the Iowa contingent at 87, which is one ahead of Charlottesville, Va., and one behind Bloomington, Ind. Iowa City is 109, followed closely by Ames at 117. Ah, just another thing to frost Iowa State fans.

Other Iowa cities on the list are Cedar Falls (158) and the Quad Cities (262). The top sports city, according to Sporting News, is Boston. Yeah, some more East Coast bias. The rest of the top 10 is (in order) Detroit, Dallas-Fort Worth, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington.

The Fort Wayne … TinCaps?
October 3, 2008, 10:52 pm
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They’re no longer the Fort Wayne Wizards, folks. The Midwest League baseball franchise has changed nickname to coincide with moving into a new downtown ballpark next season.

The new nickname? The TinCaps. No, really, the TinCaps.

The logo actually looks fairly cool. It’s an apple with a face, wearing a pot, I guess. The nickname has something to do with Johnny Appleseed regularly wearing a tin cooking pot upon his head.

OK, that begs this obvious question. Is it a good logo and nickname when you have to explain it to everyone?

Here’s a link to seeing the new TinCaps logo: