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ESPN did it wrong in Yankee Stadium sendoff
September 23, 2008, 6:46 am
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This isn’t to create any staff controversies. I respect Scott Dochterman’s opinion on the extensive ESPN coverage of Yankee Stadium’s history and final game. I just don’t agree with it.

I found the hours upon hours of programming nothing short of excessive. Just another bit of proof how much ESPN stands for Eastern Sports Programming Network. Don’t the Yankees have their own network anyway?

As a lifelong baseball fan, the Yankees’ largesse and sense of entitlement is head shaking. The number of titles won is impressive but keep in mind there weren’t as many teams in MLB back in the “old days.” Also keep in mind the Yankees always have had the most money, even going back to the days of Ruth, therefore the best players, the most championships, etc. To say I “respect” the Yankees isn’t an accurate statement.

Also keep in mind this isn’t really “The House That Ruth Built” that is being torn down. There was an extensive renovation of Yankee Stadium in the 1970s.

ESPN spent so many hours of programming on the final game of one stadium. My question is where were they when Tiger Stadium closed? Where were they when equally historic Comiskey Park was torn down? Better yet, where were the hours upon hours of programming for the final Boston Celtics game at Boston Garden. If there’s a Yankees “equal” in any sport, as far as success and history, it’s got to be the Boston Celtics.

So there you go. Another man’s opinion. You can agree with Scott or myself, it’s up to you. I’m just glad we won’t be seeing any playoff games at Yankee Stadium this season.

Now there’s an appropriate sendoff.


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