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What will the Angels do?
June 24, 2008, 4:15 am
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Mike Hlas’ column on Zach Johnson in Tuesday’s Gazette was another good one. Mike wrote about Johnson planning to raise flood-relief funds for his beloved hometown. He called upon other famous former Cedar Rapidians to match Johnson’s efforts, specifically calling out actor Ashton Kutcher.

That got me thinking a little bit. If you’re the Los Angeles Angels, why aren’t you contributing something to a community you have been partnered with since 1993? I have been disappointed in the Angels’ seeming lack of response to this city’s biggest natural disaster. There hasn’t been one word about it on the team’s Website, not one press release statement through the Cedar Rapids Kernels about how the organization wishes the city its best. That would seem to be the least that could be done.

Kernels General Manager Jack Roeder said he has received phone calls from Angels General Manager Tony Reagins and said the Angels plan to do something for the city. Let’s hope so.

Owner Arte Moreno has more money than God, as the old saying goes, and would seem to be able to afford to write a check of some sort to the Red Cross. Or maybe the Angels could pass around a hat in their clubhouse and ask for some donations from players who used to play in Cedar Rapids. There are plenty of them right now. 

It’s certainly not for anyone in this city – or myself – to go begging anyone for money. That’s just not proper. But the Kernels have stuck with the Angels through thick and thin (a lot more of the latter, win-loss wise). Certain members of the Kernels front office and board of directors continually talk about what a great relationship the two sides have and how important it is because of that to stay loyal to Los Angeles.

It would be very nice if the Angels could show that loyalty isn’t a one-way deal.



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Spot-on thinking, Jeff. Why the Angels haven’t done or said anything is beyond me but I think we all know where Cedar Rapids ranks on their list of priorities after this sad affair.

The team needs to find a new affiliate, like, yesterday. Preferably one that plays in the same time zone.


Comment by Mr. Shucks

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